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ProFlow has been designing and manufacturing fluid handling equipment for over 30 years. Early on, long before “vision” and “mission statement” became buzzwords, we adopted a philosophy to ensure exceptional performance:

  • Hire talented people and give them the best tools.
  • Build high-quality product using the best available means.
  • Seek new technologies to do an even better job tomorrow.

Today, this philosophy has helped position ProFlow as a leading source of fluid handling systems. In major manufacturing facilities worldwide, you will find ProFlow Modular Fluid Systems serving critical applications such as supplying emulsions directly into critical production process, online blending of high volume processes, and metering low and high volume components into a critical manufacturing process. Our units must perform or our customer’s process is interrupted.

ProFlow has always held this philosophy. Today, judging by our growing sales in 30 countries, more and more end users and chemical suppliers agree.

ProFlow Inc logo celebrating 100 years in business.

ProFlow Beginnings

ProFlow began in 1922 as a supplier of equipment to local companies. After 100 years in business, we’ve grown from a small regional pump/equipment supplier to a global supplier of skid mounted process equipment to the pulp & paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries. We’ve earned a reputation for high quality work, attention to detail, and excellent after sales support.

Growth and Expansion

As we grew, we added the high quality people necessary to sustain this reputation. Our staff includes mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, welders, panel builders, and field service technicians. Today, ProFlow can supply a wide range of process solutions, from simple pump & filter skids, to completely automated process systems for a wide range of applications.


  • ProFlow's TUV Rheinland ISO9001:2015 Certificate
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • ASME Certificate of Authorization

ProFlow News

ProFlow Inc. Announces Acquisition by Burt Process Equipment
June 14, 2024

ProFlow Inc., a leading provider of advanced stainless-steel technologies, is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Burt Process Equipment, a global leader in full-service manufacturing and supplying world-class industrial products and engineered systems. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in ProFlow’s history
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ProFlow enhances tissue paper quality with a series of modular chemical skids
May 1, 2024

ProFlow’s modular fluid systems and process equipment are not just about providing individual skids – we craft tailored systems that precisely blend and meter various chemicals into downstream paper machines. From caustic skids ensuring optimal pH levels to softener shower skids maintaining fabric cleanliness, each
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