Pharmaceutical Process Equipment

Modular process systems for pharmaceutical applications

New developments are driving the pharmaceutical industry toward innovation and the latest technology. Getting products to market faster, transitioning from batch to process capabilities, and building inherent flexibility into systems are increasingly more critical to operators in the pharmaceutical industry. With the proliferation of new chemistries and processes within the pharmaceutical industry, there is often a need for highly specialized equipment and new systems to bring these processes to commercialization. And the timeline for bringing new equipment and systems on-line can be critical to companies’ sales volumes and profitability.

Given these circumstances, operators are often faced with a limited set of choices – either modify the process to fit available equipment or commit internal resources towards developing equipment that best meets the requirements of the process.

We at ProFlow offer another, often better, option – you define the process requirements, and we will design, fabricate, and test a system that meets these requirements…all on a turnkey basis. Whether your needs are for a fully functioning batch or continuous process system or even a pilot project, we can help. Our full range of design, fabrication, programming, testing, documentation development, and project management capabilities can seamlessly help you meet project requirements on time and within budget.

Typical pharmaceutical applications where ProFlow
has proven to be a valuable development partner include:


Sanitary and industrial pumping and metering systems


UF, MF, and TFF systems


Fabrications using specialty alloys and composite materials for aggressive precursor chemicals


Sanitary process carts and laboratory process equipment


Clean-in-Place / Steam-in-Place options


Liquid ring vacuum systems


Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant Modules


Wide Range of Custom Engineered Projects



Whatever your newest challenge is for pharmaceutical processing,
we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing to support precursor chemicals


ProFlow Partners with Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer to Help Ramp Up Production of Precursor Chemicals

A U.S.-based pharmaceutical contract manufacturer needed to increase production of precursor chemicals in one of its manufacturing facilities. The company turned to ProFlow for help, knowing that that this effort required a supplier with experience in the development of scaled-up fluid processing systems with complex characteristics.

As is often the case with pharmaceutical precursors, the chemicals were volatile and dangerous, needing to be handled safely and metered precisely to match the customer requirements. An added challenge was presented by the fact that there were significant space constraints where the system was to be housed, limiting the size of the installed skid.

ProFlow engineers worked with the customer to design the system, specify components and materials, and fabricate the finished system. Our experienced engineering staff teamed with our fabrications group (supported by the company’s extensive fabrication certifications) to tackle this project. Adding to the complexity of this project was the requirement to meter-in two aggressive chemicals at an accuracy of +/- 1%. The system also had to be built to cGMP requirements.

Additionally, since the customer required FDA approval, ProFlow provided the material certifications, calibration certificates, and surface finish certificates necessary to obtain that approval.

The System
The final system was designed and built to best meet the requirements of the application and included 316 polished stainless steel frames and Hastelloy C276 pumps and piping, along with other specialized pumps. The system was also equipped with the complex instrumentation and controls required to operate the system. All items were built to the requirements for an explosion-proof application.

Key components include:

  • Polished Hastelloy tanks, ASME coded
  • Magnetic drive Hastelloy gear pumps, with USP Class VI elastomers.
  • 316SS polished positive displacement pumps
  • Mass flow meters
  • Ultrasonic level switches
  • Gauge pressure transmitter with tantalum diaphragm seal built for sanitary applications
  • Level and pressure transmitters

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