Pulp and Paper Systems

ProFlow has been building modular fluid systems for the pulp & paper industry for over thirty years

We have shipped hundreds of systems to pulp & paper mills all over the world. We have standard product offerings for starch cookers, ASA emulsifiers, emulsion polymer makedown, dry polymer makedown, metering pump skids, felt conditioning equipment, etc.

ProFlow on the Map

PM Coating & Release Pump Skid

ProFlow has systems installed in the following countries:
* ProFlow has provided on-site start-up services

  • USA*
  • Canada*
  • Mexico*
  • Brazil*
  • China*
  • Argentina*
  • Colombia*
  • England
  • Peru*
  • India*

  • France
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan*
  • Japan*
  • Korea*
  • Indonesia*
  • Philippines*
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam*