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Reducing complexity in pulp and paper applications to help you measure, control, and direct the flow of liquid

ProFlow pushes the limits of technology to deliver customer value and process improvement

At ProFlow, we know the systems we design and build are critical components to our customers’ operational functionality and overall profitability. If our systems don’t work, the entire process stops. What’s why we focus on quality and exceptional performance throughout the entire process. Paper manufacturers and paper chemical suppliers have come to depend on ProFlow, because our systems work within the tightest operational parameters.

For more than 30 years, ProFlow has delivered turnkey engineered projects and modular fluid systems to the pulp and paper industry. We have a proven record of managing complexity by fully learning and understanding the requirements of each project in order to translate it into a solution that delivers long-term value for our customers.

The Right System Improves the Productivity of the Papermaking Processes

Starch Cookers

ProFlow Starch Cookers provide industry-best technology for wet-end, size-press, and continuous enzyme conversion starch applications. Our closed-loop system maintains steady output even when steam or water pressures vary. Operator-friendly controls provide direct concentration settings, eliminating the need for manual calculations and flow rate adjustments. ProFlow’s patented Q-Jet Direct Steam Injection equipment also features a micro-adjustable mixing tube that allows for in-process fine tuning to eliminate equipment-damaging steam hammer.

ASA Emulsification System

The ProFlow ASA Emulsification Unit supplies ASA/Starch emulsion directly to the head box. For this critical application—in which unit failure would halt the entire papermaking operation—the ProFlow Emulsifier is recognized as the world standard of reliability, with numerous installations worldwide. From its rugged design and solid construction to its PLC control, the ProFlow Emulsifier is designed for optimal reliability.

Dry Polymer Makedown System

The ProFlow Pol-E-Duc Dry Polymer Makedown System provides a clean and reliable means to makedown dry polymer and other difficult-to-wet powders. This system’s unique PowerDown Eductor transfers dry polymer by vacuum instead of air pressure, virtually eliminating the airborne particle spread and housekeeping problems associated with conventional pressurized units.

Liquid Polymer Makedown System

ProFlow Series MD Liquid Polymer Makedown Units deliver uniform, consistent dilute polymer concentrations regardless of fluctuations in incoming water pressure, due to a water buffering system that compensates for these changes in supply. In addition, ProFlow Series MD units deliver specific dilutions at up to 50% higher viscosities than other units tested. This fully activates the polymer and allows process targets to be realized using less material—at measurable cost savings.

Dye Metering System

ProFlow Dye Metering Systems deliver precise, uniform quantities of dyes and optical enhancing chemicals to the paper machine. Utilizing a precision dye metering pump, the units are designed to give reproducible, accurate flows of these critical chemicals. This high degree of control over the flow translates directly into more uniform dye intensity on the finished paper. These systems include calibration columns for standardization of flow rates and convenient flush lines to facilitate the removal of material at changeover.

Liquid Metering System

Different processes have unique requirements, including chemical compatibility, shear, viscosity, performance, and durability. To meet the demands of these varying requirements, ProFlow’s metering skids are available in three customizable models. The Simplex Metering Skid (SMS) uses a single pump to deliver an accurate amount of fluid to a process or tank. The Duplex Metering Skid (DMS) has a primary pump and a backup inline spare pump and is ideal for critical processes. The Triplex Metering Skid (TMS) is designed for larger applications and includes two primary pumps and one backup inline spare pump.

Our pulp & paper applications include:

  • Dye Systems
  • Waukesha ECP Pump
  • Tissue Machines – Dryer Release Agent Systems
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum/Compressor System
  • Chemical Dilution Skid
  • Heat Transfer Skid
  • Water Injection Skid
  • Biodiesel System
  • Hydrogen Gas Scrubber
  • High Temp Pump/Test Stand
  • High Pressure Pump System
  • Direct Steam Injection
  • Pulp and Paper Process Skid


ProFlow has a significant global presence, with customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

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