Pulp and Paper Systems

Reducing complexity in pulp and paper applications, to help you measure, control, and direct the flow of liquid

ProFlow pushes the limits of technology to deliver customer value and process improvement


The pulp and paper industry is highly competitive. With challenges like process variability, unexpected mill downtime, raw material quality inconsistencies, and the high cost of chemicals, utilities, and maintenance, it is difficult to keep prices low without sacrificing margin.

At ProFlow, we know the systems we design and build are critical components to our customers’ operational functionality and overall profitability. If our systems don’t work, the entire process stops. What’s why we focus on quality and exceptional performance throughout the entire process. Paper manufacturers and paper chemical suppliers have come to depend on ProFlow, because our systems work within the tightest operational parameters.

For more than 30 years, ProFlow has delivered turnkey engineered projects and modular fluid systems to the pulp and paper industry. We have a proven record of managing complexity by digesting the requirements of the projects and translating them into a solution that delivers long-term value for our customers.

PM Coating & Release Pump Skid

ProFlow has a significant global presence, with customers in over 30 countries worldwide.


ProFlow's Global Presence









Our applications include:

  • Progressive Cavity Metering Pump Skids
  • Dye Systems
  • Waukesha ECP Pump
  • Tissue Machines – Dryer Release Agent Systems
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum/Compressor System
  • Chemical Dilution Skid
  • Heat Transfer Skid
  • Water Injection Skid
  • Biodiesel System
  • Hydrogen Gas Scrubber
  • High Temp Pump/Test Stand
  • Phosphoric Acid Metering Skid
  • High Pressure Pump System
  • Direct Steam Injection