Waukesha Rotary Pumps

The Waukesha ECP pump is the superior pump for many Paper Industry applications

ProFlow Inc is responsible for introducing and marketing the Waukesha ECP pump to the paper industry

Why Waukesha ECP Pump?

  • Can run dry indefinitely if the seal is flushed
  • No stators to wear out
  • The ECP pump will start with ease when filled
    with settled slurry
  • As the pump is designed for 300 F, it handles
    hot starch with ease
  • Many installation running for years with a
    minimum of maintenance
  • 300 pumps running in the paper industry and
    almost no parts sales

Tough applications where we have run for years:

  • Hot Starch
  • Starch Slurries
  • GCC
  • PCC
  • TiO2
  • Coating pigments
  • Polymers
  • Speciality Paper Chemicals
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