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Industrial Grade Fluid Processing Solutions

ProFlow will help you solve your chemical processing challenges, so you can focus on faster time to market

Custom Designed Industrial Process Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Success requires a firm understanding of the challenges you face. From laboratory process skids to complex processing equipment for major production environments, ProFlow is your trusted source for concept development, process and product design, and manufacturing and fabrication at our North Haven, Connecticut facilities. With our custom-engineered solutions, we’ll help you achieve an end result that meets your business objectives, such as:


  • ProFlow can help your technical team develop the project scope and cost, then work to ensure it is completed on time and on schedule.
  • Achieve a design that maximizes containment and control of hazardous substances while also ensuring high sanitary standards.  Designing for explosion-proof environments is another ProFlow capability to draw upon.
  • Leverage ProFlow’s extensive experience in fluid processing equipment to precisely mix, meter and process materials to achieve your desired formulation.
  • Count on ProFlow to ensure the proper selection of materials required for your system, from basic carbon and stainless steels, to Hastelloy, PTFE, and other exotic materials.
  • Work with ProFlow’s project engineers to develop laboratory pilot systems for experimentation and start-up, and when ready to ramp up to full production, count on ProFlow again to develop batch or continuous flow systems designed to meet your production requirements.

Testing, Safety, & Documentation

  • Ensure quality control through a combination of ProFlow’s extensive experience, rigorous control processes, and well-documented testing procedures.
  • Complete documentation package options to support IQ, OQ, and control system validation.

Commissioning and Operation

  • Take advantage of ProFlow’s experienced technical support team to assist in on-site commissioning or after-sales support.

Why Choose ProFlow’s Industrial Fluid Processing Systems?

  • Our certifications include ISO-9001:2015, UL, NBBI R-Stamp, ASME U-stamp, and ASME B31.1 and B31.3 pressure vessel certification.
  • We are highly knowledgeable and experienced with working with volatile and hazardous precursor chemicals in a BPE environment.
  • We have extensive PLC and HMI control expertise, as well as extensive testing and documentation capabilities.
  • We employ welders certified for 316SS and Hastelloy.

These capabilities, combined with a deep level of engineering talent, allow us to meet the rigorous requirements of our biopharmaceutical customers.

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