Direct Steam Injection Tank Heater

The Q-Jet™ Tank Heater can be the answer to your problems

You know you are spending way too much money for tank heating. Add up all the totals – the all too frequent repairs to equipment that is subject to the constant vibration inherent with using direct spargers. Factor in the capital cost for replacing the equipment once it is beyond repair. Consider the higher energy costs due to poor heat transfer. And worse, the high cost of downtime and lost production. Add them all up and you have a real problem on your hands.

You’ve considered the other technologies. Indirect heating with conventional heat exchangers would work but are more expensive to purchase, not very energy efficient, and subject to fouling.

The solution – The Q-Jet™ Direct Steam Injection Tank Heater.

Representing the state-of the-art refinement in design, the tank heater is the first really new option available in over a decade.

Featuring the unique Micro-Jet Array, the unit offers considerable benefits over all other tank heaters. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications – white water silo heating, shower wash heating – any applications where the process fluid can accept the injected condensate.

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The Micro-Jet-Array System

The key to the success of the Q-Jet™ Direct Steam Injection Tank Heater is the unique design of the Micro-Jet-Array system.

Steam is injected into the process fluid through an array of small jets.  These small jets transfer heat energy into a larger exposed surface area of lower temperature process fluid than could be attained using a single large jet of equal cross section.  The injected steam condenses immediately upon contacting the process fluid in the tank.

Q-Jet Tank Heaters are individually sized to achieve the specified heating objective for the application.

  • Rapid, controlled steam condensation

    “Steam hammer” is avoided, along with the inherent noise and vibrations in the system.  The system runs quietly and vibration free – something not possible with sparge systems.

  • Less Maintenance

    With the elimination of  vibrations and rumblings, associated piping and surrounding equipment are not subject to the constant stressing and flexing that can lead to premature failure.  Tank life and the life of insulation and protective coatings is prolonged

  • Lower installed cost

    No need for the additional process piping or re-circulation pump required with using externally mounted direct steam injection heating devices.

  • Control

    The heaters offer a high degree of process control and have high turndown ratios.  Steam can be added much more rapidly than with a sparger, resulting in shorter heat-up time and increased productivity.

  • Compact Design

    The Q-Jet tank heaters mount directly into the side of the vessel, freeing up floor space.  The penetration into the tank is minimal, so that interference with mixers is eliminated.

  • Easy Removal

    The heater can be removed from outside the vessel, eliminating the need to enter the vessel for routine inspection and servicing.  This eliminates the need for “confined space entry.”

  • Quality

    Quality is built into every step – from fabrication using close tolerance machined parts – through to final testing under the provisions of our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Program.

  • Q-Jet Inc. experience

    The most important advantage of all. Our years of experience in the design, fabrication, and testing of process heating and cooking devices for the pulp, paper, and chemical process industries insures the perfect ‘match’ between the heating system and your process requirements.  Call one of our design engineers today to see how we can help save you money in all your direct steam injection heating applications.

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