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For over 100 years, our talented team of engineers, fabricators, and technicians has been solving your most difficult fluid handling problems.

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    With global reach and efficient channels, our team can engineer and deliver wherever needed.

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    The core of our operation is in superior customer service and finding the right solution for each of our clients.

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    With the highest quality standards, our qualified team of engineers creates solutions that work with the best technology available.

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    Our reputation speaks for itself, and with our vast experience, we are known as a company that delivers what was promised.

Modular Fluid Systems

ProFlow has been designing and manufacturing effective and reliable modular fluid systems for over 25 years. The quality of these proven systems results from our core approach to business:

  • Hire talented people and provide them with the best training and tools
  • Maintain the certifications necessary to ensure the quality of the systems we produce
  • Seek out new technologies and approaches in order to improve our systems on a regular basis

This philosophy has helped to position ProFlow as a leader in the modular fluid systems industry. In a wide range of applications, from Chemicals to Pharmaceuticals, the process industry has come to depend on ProFlow to help meet their operational and equipment needs.

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Pharmaceutical Systems

ProFlow’s leadership in the pharmaceutical industry is rooted in our commitment to manufacturing high-quality, value-added equipment that meets the exacting requirements of pharma applications. We design and fabricate custom pharmaceutical process systems that prioritize system flexibility, sanitation, and higher production throughput. Often our systems can reduce time-to-market, even while solving customers’ most complex fluid handling needs.

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Pulp & Paper Systems

For over 30 years, ProFlow has focused on reliability, performance, and overall quality in developing modular process systems for pulp and paper applications. Based on this focus, paper manufacturers and paper chemical suppliers have learned that they can depend on ProFlow for modular systems that work, even within the tightest operational parameters.

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Chemical Systems

ProFlow’s custom design and fabrication services are designed to help customers meet the ever-changing challenges of the chemical processing industry.  We are a flexible organization, built to design and fabricate systems that meet the exact, unique requirements of any modular process skid development project. Whether you need a fully functioning batch or continuous process system, or even a pilot project, our capabilities can help you meet project requirements on time and within budget.

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Power Industry & Others

ProFlow has been building modular fluid systems for use in power plants for over thirty years. We have built system for precise metering of acids, caustics, urea, etc., water injection system for NOx control and fuel oil transfer/forwarding systems.

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ProFlow News

ProFlow builds selective catalytic reduction system to reduce emissions on offshore rig
March 27, 2024

ProFlow builds selective catalytic reduction system to reduce emissions on offshore rig Offshore oil and natural gas rigs are increasingly focused on reducing emissions like nitrogen oxides (NOx). In offshore oil and natural gas rigs, nitrogen oxides (NOx) typically come from emissions from internal combustion
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ProFlow Engineers a Customized Continuous Starch Cooker for North American Manufacturer of High-Performance Kraft Paper
January 3, 2024

Starch is one of the most important raw materials in the pulp and paper manufacturing process. It has many uses in a paper mill, including as a binder, water holding agent, and carrier for surface sizing chemicals. One North American kraft paper manufacturer needed a
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