ProFlow enhances tissue paper quality with a series of modular chemical skids

1 May 2024
Tissue skid to blend and meter chemicals.

ProFlow’s modular fluid systems and process equipment are not just about providing individual skids – we craft tailored systems that precisely blend and meter various chemicals into downstream paper machines. From caustic skids ensuring optimal pH levels to softener shower skids maintaining fabric cleanliness, each component is designed to enhance paper quality, process efficiency, and environmental compliance.

In a new installation at a Canadian tissue plant, our modular skids seamlessly integrate into their production process. By leveraging our extensive experience in the global tissue industry, we were able to deliver solutions perfectly aligned with their unique requirements. These included:

  • Caustic Skid: Designed to handle caustic chemicals like sodium hydroxide, essential for maintaining proper pH levels during pulping and bleaching processes.
  • Softener Skid: Used to treat water by removing hardness ions, improving paper quality by preventing scaling.
  • Softener Shower Skid: Specifically utilized in the paper machine wet end to provide softened water for fabric cleaning, roll lubrication, and chemical application, ensuring consistent paper quality.
  • Hypochlorite Skid: Crucial for chlorination in water treatment, disinfecting and controlling microbial growth to maintain water quality.
  • Solvent Skid: Handles the safe storage, transfer, and dosing of solvents in specialty paper production processes.

Additionally, we provided related tanks and totes for storing various chemicals and control panels for seamless integration with the factory distributed control system (DCS). These components collectively optimize production, ensure safety, and uphold environmental compliance in the paper mill.

The result? Enhanced paper quality, minimized downtime, and optimized resource utilization.

Do you have an application that requires complex fluid blending and metering? We can build a skid for that. Reach out to our application experts.