Direct Steam Injection Process Heating

ProFlow can meet all your direct steam injection process heating needs

Our mixing jet cookers and process heaters find a wide range of application in a diversity of industries. From cooking starches for coating applications in the paper mill, to processing sauces and gravies in the food industry, to heating cleaning solutions for tank washing systems. All Q-Jet™ products are engineered to enable you to reap the benefits of direct steam injection heating – lower capital costs, reduced maintenance charges, and significant energy savings. For more on the benefits of Q-Jet mixing jet cookers and process heaters, click on the products below.

Process Heaters

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Mixing Jet Cookers

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Tank Heaters

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Gas Injector Valves

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Heater Skid Systems

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ProFlow Inc logo celebrating 100 years in business.

ProFlow proudly celebrates 100 years in business.

Tracing its history back to 1922, ProFlow has gained a reputation for technical expertise and high-quality fabrication. Learn more. 

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