Mixing Jet Cookers

Q-Jet™ Direct Steam Injection (DSI) mixing jet cookers use precisely controlled direct steam injection to pressure cook slurries such as starch, polyvinyl alcohol, and cellulose derivatives.

Q-Jet™ DSI Mixing Jet Cooker Features

  • Standard mixing tube sizes from 0.75″ to 8″ diameter with slurry flow rates of 0.5 to 800 gpm
  • Adapts to diverse processing needs
  • High durability seals promote extended maintenance-free performance
  • 316 Stainless construction provides high reserve strength and corrosion resistance
  • Hastelloy wetted parts available

A proven performer with various applications

  • Starches and polyvinyl alcohols for wet-end, surface size, and coating applications
  • Thermal-chemical conversions
  • High-shear / excess steam pasting of starch
  • Ground grain and mash for ethanol production
  • Processed food and candies

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  • Dual dynamic controls

    Q-Jet’s patented Dual Dynamic Controls – a Linear Valve Stem Actuator and Micrometer-Adjustable Mixing Tube facilitate in-process optimization of steam flow and slurry feed pressure to ensure quiet, hammer-free cooking and high output quality.

  • Adjusts while you cook

    At the annulus of the patented Q-Jet Micrometer-Adjustable Mixing Tube, slurry combines with steam and accelerates to high velocity.  As the granules pass into the Mixing Tube, they further accelerate, begin to disperse, hydrate, and expand.  While passing through the Mixing Tube, the granules undergo high shear mixing, then they gel, hydrate, and exit the Q-Jet Mixing Jet Cooker into a retention tube or vessel.

  • Cooking Temp is not equipment limited

    Q-Jet’s technology applies well to cooking various products, with temperatures controlled to suit the process. While temperatures typically range from 190° to 325°F, temperature is not equipment limited.

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