Heater Skid Systems

For any application where the process stream can accept the introduced condensate, the Q-Jet™ line of process heaters can assure you reliable, trouble free operation.

Q-Jet™ Heater Skid Systems

The process heaters feature the Micro-Jet-Array – a unique arrangements of nozzles which allow the steam to be injected into the process stream as an array of very small jets. This leads to very rapid, controlled condensation and the elimination of damaging ‘steam hammering.’ The units are exceptionally energy efficient, utilizing 100% of  the available BTUs in the incoming steam.

The heaters offer a high degree of process control and have high turndown ratios. Since ‘steam hammer’ is not an issue, steam can be added faster, resulting in shorter heating cycles and improved processing times. The units are compact in design and require no external steam control valve. Since the steam supply and process fluid inlets can be oriented at any angle (relative to each other), installation is much easier than other units.

All Q-Jet process heaters are fabricated from precision-machined components.

Available in stainless steel and other alloys. Sizes up to 16 inch diameter are available.

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