Process Heaters

Q-Jet™ Direct Steam Injection Process Heaters

When the success of your operation relies on the ability to bring process fluids up to temperature instantaneously, a heater that offers tight control, quick startup, and low maintenance is an important decision.

ProFlow’s Q-Jet™ Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Process Heaters immediately bring your process up to temperature using our unique micro-jet array. This array features multiple controlled nozzles, which introduce steam into the process liquid. Faster and more controlled, this method transfers heat energy over a much larger surface area than can a single-jet method. Steam disperses more thoroughly with Q-Jet than with single-jet, uncontrolled heaters, allowing it to thoroughly condense, which significantly reduces the destructive vibration of steam hammer.


Q-Jet DSI Process Heater Features

  • It is the most energy efficient way to transfer BTUs from high pressure steam into any compatible process flow stream. Direct Steam Injection ensures that 100% of the BTUs are absorbed.
  • It provides accurate, dependable temperature control with today’s PID Controllers.  Each Q-Jet Direct Steam Injection Process Heater is accurately sized for the particular process heating application, taking into consideration the steam supply, temperature rise required, and the process flow through rate.
  • It occupies less plant space & uses less auxiliary equipment than any other heat exchanger.

Q-Jet DSI Process Heater Benefits

  • Rapid controlled steam condensation which prevents steam hammer
  • Precise temperature control across high flow through spans
  • Adaptable to any process piping configuration
  • Little or no pressure drop through the heater
  • More compact size – requires less installed space
  • Lowest maintenance of any heating method

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Every Q-Jet process heater is customized for the unique requirements of each application.

ProFlow’s engineers work directly with each customer to understand their challenges, process goals, and budgetary requirements. Whether it’s part of a continuous manufacturing line, mounted to a vessel, or integrated with a process skid, the Q-Jet Direct Steam Injection Process Heater will help you meet your process targets.

  • Committed to Quality

    Our highly trained team uses industry-leading components that undergo rigorous quality testing in our ISO-certified facility.

  • Low Maintenance, High Productivity

    Our relatively simple design means there are no parts to adjust, no routine cleaning, and minimal recalibration requirements. Q-Jet process heaters typically last in continuous service for many years.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    The heaters offer a high degree of process control and have high turndown ratios (up to 10:1).

  • Years of Experience

    For more than 30 years, ProFlow has been engineering modular flow solutions for industrial markets. Our Q-Jet Direct Steam Injection Process Heater ensures rapid, controlled steam condensation to efficiently and thoroughly bring your process to temperature.

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