Q-Jet™ Gas Injector Valve

The Q-Jet™ “Gas Injector” Nitrogen Stripping Valve incorporates the proven Micro-Jet-Array™ injection technique which maximizes the generation of extremely small bubbles to produce the greatest contaminant stripping surface area. Inert gas bubbles induce soluble volatile liquid contaminants to combine with the gas which is subsequently vented from the process fluid, carrying the contaminants with it.

The presence of oxygen, moisture, and other soluble contaminants in organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and prepared foods poses quality and shelf life problems in a wide variety of materials.  Both industrial and consumer product qualities are affected.  Nitrogen stripping benefits the product, resulting in better yields and improved operating margins.

Q-Jet Gas Injector Valve Features

  • Micro-Jet-Array valve head induces extremely fine gas bubbles
  • Small compact valve size facilitate easy installation
  • Available in either manual or actuated fail-safe configuration
  • 316L Stainless Steel or other special alloy construction

Q-Jet Gas Injector Valve Benefits

  • Achieves less than 0.1% moisture content
  • Uses less nitrogen than previously available devices
  • Reduced stripping time
  • No lease payments required

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