Pharmaceutical & Chemical Systems

Achieve rapid development, testing, scale up, and deployment of pharmaceutical and chemical applications

New developments are driving pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries toward innovation and technology. Getting products to market faster, transitioning from batch to process capabilities, and building inherent flexibility into systems are more important than ever.

Starting in 1986 with a system to allow a customer to commercialize their membrane technology, our market presence has grown to include:


Membrane support modules for UF and MF systems


Gas re-compression / vacuum systems for Nutsche filter / dryer applications


Sanitary pumping and metering systems


Clean-in-Place / Steam-in-Place options


Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant Modules


Custom Engineered Projects

Providing Precise Solutions

The past decades have been witness to an explosion in new chemistries and processes within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. As new processes and chemistries were developed, there became a very real need for highly specialized equipment to bring these processes to commercialization.

The industry was faced with a dual problem – either modify the process to fit available equipment or commit considerable internal resources towards designing and building equipment to meet the process needs. ProFlow offered a third and highly desirable option – let the customer define the process requirements and let us design, fabricate and test a system that meets all of these requirements.

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