ProFlow Partners with Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer to Help Ramp Up Production of Precursor Chemicals

7 December 2022
Pharmaceutical manufacturing to support precursor chemicals

A U.S.-based pharmaceutical contract manufacturer needed to increase production of precursor chemicals in one of their manufacturing facilities. They turned to ProFlow for help. 

They specifically needed a supplier with experience in the development of scaled-up fluid processing systems with complex characteristics.

As is often the case with pharmaceutical precursors, the chemicals were volatile and dangerous. They needed to be handled safely and metered precisely to match the customer requirements. An added challenge was that there were space constraints in all three dimensions that limited the size of the finished, installed skid.

Our engineers worked with the customer to design the system, specify components and materials, and fabricate the finished system.  ProFlow’s extensive fabrication certifications, experienced engineers, and highly trained fabricators allowed ProFlow to be up for the challenge. The project was complex. We had to meter in two aggressive chemicals at accuracy of +/- 1%, and the system had to be built to cGMP requirements.

Additionally, the customer required FDA approval, and ProFlow provided the required material certifications, calibration certificates, and surface finish certificates the customer needed to obtain the approval.

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturingThe System

The final system included 316 polished stainless steel frames, Hastelloy C276 pumps and piping, special pumps, and the complex instrumentation and controls to operate the system. Key components include:

  • Polished Hastelloy tanks, ASME coded
  • Magnetic drive Hastelloy gear pumps with USP Class VI elastomers.
  • SPXFLOW Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 316SS polished positive displacement pumps
  • Mass flow meters
  • Ultrasonic level switches
  • Gauge pressure transmitter with tantalum diaphragm seal built for sanitary applications
  • All items built for explosion-proof atmosphere


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