ProFlow Announces Acquisition of Q-Jet

4 January 2021
QJet Cooker

ProFlow and Q-Jet formalize their long-term partnership to offer specialized systems, unique control strategies, and integration of multiple technologies to customers.


NORTH HAVEN, CT – ProFlow, Inc., a leading provider of custom-engineered and modular fluid handling equipment for manufacturing facilities worldwide, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Q-Jet DSI, Inc.

Q-Jet DSI, Inc., specializes in direct steam injection process heating solutions, with a wide product portfolio that includes mixing jet cookers, tank heaters, gas injector valves, and heating skid systems. With installations worldwide, Q-Jet serves many different industries, including pulp and paper and food and beverage. Q-Jet cookers have been used in various applications that include mash cooking in distilleries, the production and processing of barbecue sauce and marshmallow-based candies, starch coating applications in paper mills, and heating solutions for tank washing systems.

Q-Jet’s dual control mixing jet cookers utilize patented dual dynamic controls – a linear valve stem actuator and micrometer-adjustable mixing tube facilitate in-process optimization of steam flow and slurry feed pressure to ensure quiet, hammer free cooking and high output quality.  The mixing jet cooker range in tube sizes from ¾” to 8”, with optional deigns which meet 3A sanitary standards. The cookers can be fabricated using a wide variety of alloys, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, and other specialty metals, to handle a variety of process conditions.

Q-Jet’s direct steam injection tank heaters utilize a micro-jet-array system where steam is injected into an array of small jets.  These small jets transfer heat energy into a larger exposed surface area of lower temperature process fluid than could be attained using a single large jet of equal cross section.  This design allows for quiet and efficient heating of the process fluid, without the inherent noise and vibration produced by sparge systems. Q-Jet products also provide enhanced turndown over fixed jet type injection systems such as eductors.

ProFlow has integrated Q-Jet solutions into its custom-engineered fluid handling skids for many years, with the most common applications being starch cookers, heat transfer skids, and high-temperature pump and test stands. The acquisition of Q-Jet will result in a better unified project management process, and easier long-term service and support, all of which translate into added value for ProFlow’s customers.

“ProFlow and Q-Jet have been close partners for many years,” said Chris FitzGerald, president and CEO of ProFlow. “This acquisition marks a natural and positive progression in the relationship between ProFlow and Q-Jet, and we look forward to our customers directly experiencing the benefits of this acquisition.”