ProFlow Partners with R&D Dynamics to Fabricate & Assemble ThermoGen Waste Heat to Electric Power Converter

6 March 2019

R&D Dynamics Corporation developed their ThermoGen Waste Heat to Electric Power based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to enable processes with excessive waste heat to harness the potential energy and convert it to electricity. They turned to ProFlow as the right partner to handle sourcing, fabrication, and assembly.

R&D Dynamics had the design and specifications of the ThermoGen product, but they were looking for the right partner to handle sourcing, fabrication, and assembly. They had a few requirements for their preferred partner. 

First, the partner needed to be able to scale systems to fit customized requirements. Second, the partner needed to offer exceptional project management. Finally, the partner needed to have excellent turnkey capabilities—including engineers, fabricators, assemblers, and welders. 

ProFlow was an exceptional fit to meet all the requirements.

For more information, click to download the complete case study.

The collaborative effort that was implemented was somewhat different from the way both organizations normally worked. In the partnership, the ProFlow and R&D Dynamics teams both included project managers. With some situations, dual project managers can cause confusion. However, with the ProFlow and R&D Dynamics relationship, the dual project managers maintained an efficient flow of communication throughout both organizations.

ProFlow offers many benefits to R&D Dynamics, making this a strong partnership. These include:

  • Allowing R&D Dynamics to allocate resources where they are most needed
  • Providing a strong level of application-specific expertise
  • Providing a turnkey facility that offers everything R&D Dynamics needs to manufacture the product


For more information, download our case study here.