ProFlow Asia

Your local source for high quality fluid systems equipment in Asia

Are the high cost and long lead times associated with importing equipment to Asia cutting into your profits?

ProFlow Asia is your local source for high quality paper chemical equipment & modular fluid systems

Produced locally in China, using proven technology and components sourced throughout Asia, Europe and the USA, ProFlow Asia can save you both time and money. ProFlow USA has been building modular fluid systems for the pulp & paper industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries for over thirty years. We have shipped hundreds of systems to customers all over the world. As demand to export these system grew ProFlow took the lead and established a local fabrication facility in China.

ProFlow Asia has standard product offerings for starch cookers, ASA emulsifiers, emulsion polymer makedown, dry polymer makedown, metering pump skids, felt conditioning equipment, etc. We can also provide custom solutions drawing on the years of experience in our USA design group. ProFlow Asia also offers local sales and service for our equipment as well as a local parts inventory of pumps, flow meters, controls, etc.

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ProFlow Asia

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