ProFlow Partnerships

ProFlow formed a partnership with HENAN Process Systems in 2014 to supply enzymatic starch converters both in North America and Asia.    HENAN’s Continuous Enzymatic Converters (CEC) convert all native starch types for use in the paper industry for surface sizing and coating applications.  These fully automatic machines provide a compact design providing very consistent viscosity with small molecular weight distribution, fast response time and a very quick payback period.

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A Proud Catalyst for Change

Our talented team at ProFlow can help solve difficult engineering problems. With over 80 years of technical and design experience, ProFlow has proven to be the best solution for our clients’ needs. As we raise performance standards, and as competitive pressures intensify, the costs of using unreliable equipment are becoming unmistakable–and unacceptable. The true cost of low-price equipment far exceeds the price of buying quality. That’s where ProFlow comes in.

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